TN/VA State Line + Coffee Shop | East Tennessee Photographers

November 3, 2017

KD3A7640During the slow months for most photographers, January through March can get boring. AMIRITE? But I’ve always liked this time of year. Things are starting to wind down, and holidays are right around the corner. I always feel like this downtime is always the best couple months to relax and re-cooperate from the busy Fall! Looking back on these photos from March 2017, it makes me remember to always switch up the routine and do creative shots like these so I can stay motivated and fresh!

March in the mountains is still pretty cold, Alexis was a trooper! We went exploring downtown, which happens to be separated by the Tennessee and Virginia State line. The goal for this shoot was to expand our comfort zone and overcoming beauty stereotypes. Pretty sure we killed it. 😀 

Photos by Asher + Emily Photography   /    Model: Alexis P. Ferg

Having years of experience being in the beauty/fashion industry, my biggest problem has been the pressure of conformity. We flip through articles that only showcase a slim select of body types and ethnicities. Curly haired girls want to straighten their hair; straight haired girls want to curl it. We want to tan and work out like crazy, all to try and alter our natural appearance to “fit in”. When doing a portrait shoot, the one thing I really try to accomplish is to remind every woman that she more than just a pretty face- She is strong and intelligent. I want to bring out that inner confidence and secret badass.

If you want the change, you have to be the change.