Andrea + Daren | Los Angeles | Wedding Photographers

August 12, 2017

There are literally no words to describe the amount of love that was felt during this wedding. Andrea & Daren broke pretty much every single tradition and it was BRILLIANT. Here are a couple personal touches! 1) They had about 27 first kisses. 2) Rather than the typical groomsmen and bridesmaids, they chose grooms-people and brides-people, people that had played a key role in developing who they were and had built their relationship into what it was.


Their vows were intimate, super personal, and heartfelt. I cried and definitely fogged up the viewfinder in my camera, but its cool, we’re cool.


This wedding was just the definition of making your wedding day 100% the story of the two of you. I left feeling a deeper understanding and personal connection to who they are as individuals and as a whole. I can’t wait to get back to Los Angeles to see them again!

So much love to you, Andrea and Daren!